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              Accelerometer: M-A352AD


              The M-A352 sensor unit is EPSON's New Standard Accelerometer
              Improved Shock Survivability : 1,200 G (M-A351 : 300 G)


              Product Name M-A352AD
              Size 48 x 24 x 16 mm
              Weight 25 grams
              Noise Density 200 nGrms/rtHz @0.5Hz~
              Input Range ±15 G
              Resolution 0.06 µG/LSB
              Bandwidth 400 Hz (Max.)
              Data Output Rate 1000 Sps (Max.)
              Shock Survivability 1,200 G
              Digital Serial Interface SPI/UART
              Operating Temperature Range -30 to +85 °C
              Power Consumption 13.2 mA (typ.) @3.3V
              Output Mode Selection (each axis) Acceleration, Tilt Angle


              1. Construction and civil engineering customers
                • Vibration-based structural health monitoring
                  (e.g., monitoring the vibration characteristics of structures and judging their health & integrity)
                • Measurement of low-frequency environmental vibration, etc.
              2. Large machines and large structures
                • Monitoring the safety of large structures
                  (e.g., pipelines and large plants)
              3. Seismic sensing
                • Measurement of vibrations accompanying earthquakes

              Technical Information

              For more technical information on Accelerometer M-A352, please see our Contact page.

              Accelerometer: M-A352 Document

              M-A352 Brief Sheet PDF (1MB)

              Evaluation Board Document

              Epson prepares USB Evaluation Cable for easy installation in customer's evaluation environment.
              For the Evaluation at PC, EPSON prepare "Logger Software" for quick and easy evaluation.

              For "Evaluation Board" and "Logger Software", please visit our Evaluation Tools website.


              For more technical information on Accelerometer M-A352, please see our Contact page.

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